Sunday, February 18, 2007

It's here, half way (the DSM320)!

So yesterday a package lands at my front door (actually the package looked like something landed on it) and I don't think it's the post office's fault as the package was over stuffed. I opened the box and found all the bits and bobs for the D-Link DSM320, Well what bits and bobs there were. There were no cables, manuals, or CD. The manuals and CD are not a problem as I downloaded those the other day from D-Link. The remote, WiFi antenna were there and so was the DSM3200. But the most surprising thing was that the power cord is not for US use (ARGH!). I searched the Internet for European plugs and found that it's a Australia/New Zealand 3112 without ground pin. I checked the power supply and it can handle anything from 110 - 230Vac and 50/60 Hz. That means a zip cord for now (2 insulated alligator clips on a standard AC cord). So I will not being doing business with this company again! I just hope this thing works. So it's off to Radio Shack. Thankfully, there's one nearby that still has some of the electronic parts and a manual switch box. I've got to hook up an XBox, Tivo, VCR, funky little game system (another toy D gave me), external connect from my digital camera and the DSM320 to the TV. Wonder were I'm going to put the Myth box when I get around to building that. :-)

Update: I built a zip cord and made sure the line goes to line and neutral to neutral (otherwise I could cause an electrocution hazard). I was able to bring up the wired network connection, configure the device and play music (I have nothing else on my server yet). I'm now fighting with wiring it into an existing TV/Tivo setup. I want to put a VCR in between (so I can wire everything else through the auxiliary input of the VCR). So far that isn't working very well.

PPS: It turns out I didn't properly read the Amazon ad for the DSM320, it did clearly state that the unit was purchased in Australia/New Zealand, my bad. In the end I do have a working unit so I shouldn't complain. :-)

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

My friend is a trouble maker ...

My friend, 'D', is a trouble maker of the highest quality! He knows how and where to find the best 'junk' that's get my curiosity going every time. One of the first things I remember was the CM11A and an X10 module. He knew I wouldn't run Windows to use it so I'd go out and find the communications details or I'd just sniff the line and figure it out. There have been many devices since then I just can't remember them all. They're basically devices which the manufacturer has discontinued or it something he's interested in. The latest toy is the Linksys WMLS11B Wireless-B Music System. So we dug into the device to see what it can do. We searched Google and found the Yahoo tech group: wmls11b and other bits and pieces such as the format of the Radio update. While trying to figure out the WMLS11B I recalled that Terry wrote a chapter on using Twonky and I read through it. Well I've been playing with Twonky media and it seems to work well for MP3's (I recorded almost everything I have in ogg, argh!). The Twonky server will deliver the ogg but the WMLS11B won't play ogg. I've tried GMediaServer but it too won't trans-code ogg to MP3. I tried to compile MediaTomb but it can't find some part of my mysqlclient software (???). I've also run UShare, it a fine UPnP server but I wasn't able to get any further with it. Lastly I used Slimserver it works by setting the favorites entry on the WMLS11B but because Slimserver i sn't a UPnP server (its a client) I can't use it any other w! ay. Also I have to set Slimserver and then select favorites to use it. I've also been able to control the WMLS11B from the Slimserver web page to get it to play music. Not what I really want. I intend to get a few more WMLS11B devices and I found a D-Link DSM320. I purchased that because it ran Linux and a few people have hacked it. From what I read it seems pretty buggy but I found the kernel (it runs Linux) and I intend to get it working. It was cheap and probably somewhat limited but it sounds like a fun toy. Which is the point of all this (to learn while 'hacking'). I don't know, maybe I've got a few more chapters for the book. One on Twonky, the WMLS11B and the NSLU with Unslung 6.8-beta We brought that up last night (it was the boys hacking night). So more work ahead but at least it will be enjoyable.

Monday, February 12, 2007

A long but productive week

It was an interesting week that past, I started out with 4 bad asthma days, followed it by 5 days of flue. But during that time I received the Linksys WMLS11B (Media play), figured out that it needs UPnP (Slimserver is OK but isn't a UPnP server). Got Asterisk up and running with 2 POTS lines (1 copper/1 VoIP) for access to the PSTN. Got the telemarketer blacklist working under 1.4 Asterisk with AEL. Moved the AT&T Call Vantage adapter from in front of the Linksys (where all my Internet traffic passes through the adapter) to behind it (where no Internet traffic passes through the adapter). Took only one day off from work (the fever got real bad on Friday). I worked VO the rest of the time (I've got my lab equipment setup properly for such things). And a few other things I can't remember right now.

I'll probably need to work on the QoS parameters for the AT&T Call Vantage VoIP service (that's why they want you to directly connect it to the cable modem). I'll also probably end up with Twonky Music on my NSLU2 (Unslung 6.8). Gmediaserver did work out because it doesn't transcode ogg to an mp3 stream (it streams the ogg which the Linksys doesn't understand) and almost all my music is 192Kb ogg (for my Neuros). I'll still play with the SLimserver to see what I can get it to do (it can transcode) and I'll be getting a few more WMLS11Bs for playing music around the house. I'll also need to break out the old 802.11b router or get my 802.11b card in my server to handle the old WEP setup (I use WPA on the 802.11g network). This should really work out for when I'm working on my indoor exercise program. And since it looks like we're looking at some snow I'll be doing lots of indoor training. Now I just need the appropriate music to keep the tem po up.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Asterisk is up!

I finally managed to get Asterisk up and running properly with version 1.4. Seems my SPA configs (I have an SPA-3102 & SPA-3000) are correct but I made one little type in the context name assignment and the SPA-3102 didn't have a context. This returned an unauthorized (401) in the SIP header. I was busy looking at sip registration, passwords and authentication. I luckily notice the error and I've now corrected it. Now onto the telemarketer blacklist so I can stop these idiots from calling all day long!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Slick slimserver and Linksys WMLS11B

My friend 'D' gave me a Linksys WMLS11B (Wireless 802.11B) Music system. I've managed to get it connected to my home automation server. I've got SlimServer running on the server though I want to get SlimServer running on my hacked NSLU2. I also joined the Yahoo WMLS11B tech group they filled me in on all sorts of nice little details to make the WMLS11B useful (even though Linksys has abandoned it). I've got to pick up a few more of these for around the house. I actually listen to music more than I watch TV. 'D' also picked up a 2 small digital I/O boards from Ortech Education Systems. The first is an Ethernet board (the Ether I/O 24), it support UPD/IP. The second is a USB 24 bit I/O board (the USB I/O 24 R). I've got the various details and hope to get to playing with them in the next few months. Remember I have to share my time with school and I'm again doing the single day. 200 mile (208 - 212 mile actually). Lastly I'm still having some trouble with Asterisk. I can't get the SPA-3102 to talk to the Asterisk server even though I had this working less than 6 months ago (the server crash).

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Asterisk 1.4

I decided to get Asterisk back up and running. Despite being on the 'No Call' list I receive at least a dozen calls from Florida or Ontario. At least that's what it says on the caller ID. So to shut these idiots down I decided to get Asterisk back up and running and to add these idiots to the 'blacklist' and send them a SIT (Special Information Tone). This really doesn't work but it does annoy them ;-). At the moment I seem to be having a little trouble getting the SPA-3102 to talk to my Asterisk server (???). It get the SIP messages but the Asterisk server seems to do nothing with them. I can dial out with no trouble just the incoming fails. I'm also having some trouble with my Call Vantage adapter but I'm pretty certain I knwo what the problem is there (I need to move it off the LAN and insert it as the firewall). All of this is made even a little bit more fun in that I'm using 1.4 and I'm just getting used to use AEL (Aster isk Extension Language).