Monday, October 13, 2014

ChipKit Uno32 and ENC28J60

I've been having a bit of a problem understanding the Arduino/ChipKit environments. It's not like my typical embedded environment where I can include libraries without any issues. I've undertaken an effort to port the UIP Ethernet library to my ChipKit UNO32. The Arduino Uno UIP library works very well but the use of the AVR's registers makes the library non-portable. So I spent some time understanding the library which was actually pretty easy to do. So I proceeded to include the ChipKit DSPI library but the IDE couldn't find the files (???). So I copied over the DSPI.cpp and DSPI.h files to the UIP library directory and I was able to get the modified UIP library to compile. I'm not too happy with the size (double that of an Arduino compile). I'll look into that later. For now I'm more worried about getting it working. Then I can worry about making it more efficient, I still have much to learn. Right now I think I understand the way the SPI works. And I have the ENC28J60 data sheet and it too is pretty well understood. Next I must begin to test the library's operation.