Monday, February 19, 2018

Looky at what I found ...

So Sunday I decided to dispose of a ton of useless books. Like Java (1.1, 1.2, 1.3 ... ) and older C++. Books that are now severely out of date (libraries don't want this stuff). Anyway, like many of us I also saved notes and print-outs in binders. A number of the binders contain class related things (Awk, Networking, etc.) all being recycled but that's when things start getting interesting. I found an unopened box of 3.5 HD DS diskettes and 8" SS (no density mentioned). I found a ton of older software on 5.25 and 3.5 diskettes. Most likely Atari 5.25, the 3.5 HD are a bit of a mystery. It might be OS9. There should be some 360, 1.2 and 1.44 diskettes for MS DOS. I also have a I'll probably need help with that. I found my notes on the PT68K (Microware OSK), the Sardis ST2900 (Microware OS9), an original Omnimon XL L + U manual (I think I have more than the Archive has). I found installation notes on installing Linux 0.92 . I'm pretty sure I have several Older SLS or Yggdrasill CDs. Finally I have some notes on the 7300/3B1.

I'll bring it to the next VCF workshop and get this stuff scanned. I've confirmed that my Omnimon XL manual has a lot more information than that of the Internet Archive. I'll add it to my Omnimon XL page and share with them. Hopefully the other documents will be helpful also. I don't recall seeing much on the web about the Sardis ST2900. I'll scan and save the documents so they'll be there. :-)

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year 2018, hope it's a better one than last. I have a lot planned but I had a lot planned last year also. Oddly I completed a lot of projects also so I shouldn't look badly on the year.

I've been playing with Splunk and the netflow data from my firewall / router. I missed the expired license period for the trial Enterprise license and ended up with 30 violations before I switched to the free version. The free version fits my needs just fine at the moment. I'm mainly using Splunk for learning. I'm still not sure where to begin. It's very overwhelming. Anyways, once I found the violations, I fixed the license but found I couldn't access my dashboards (my queries). I found I had to let them clear. With 30 violations, had to wait until I had less than 3 violations. But it still didn't work, it complained: "Error in 'litsearch' command: Your Splunk license expired of you have exceeded your license limit too many times'. So despite the fact that I renewed the license to fix the violations, I still had to renew the license to re-enable the search. I did this once the violation count was lower than 3. Actually I waited until it was zero. Now I can see my data again (yeah). So I expect that all the data it pushed during the violation period is still there. Once I figure out how to use Splunk I'll check it.