Wednesday, July 04, 2012

IXR's Microcontroller Mondays ...

... or as I like to say μMondays. While things have not calmed down one bit for me yet I have managed to take a little time out to participate in some friendly Making/Hacking at IXR (Institute for Exploratory Research @ InfoAge in Wall Township, NJ). Last night (Monday, July 2nd 2012) was μMondays. Basically time to play with μControllers (μCs) and electronics. A few of the folks were beginners with μCs and others came to work on their own μC projects, mostly Arduino. I participated in many discussions and helped one gentleman with learning to use the Arduino environment.

Participants at IXR's Micro-Mondays

The next μMonday will be on Monday June 9th and Dan has promoted me to Co-Host of the event (yes I know that sounds silly ;-) ). Everyone is invited and welcome. We'll have a few extra Arduino Uno boards to work with. We also have other boards to work with and if I can get my act together I should remember to bring them to work with. I do intend to bring my HCS II Home Automation system and begin incorporating my Arduinos boards into it. I detailed my plan for the HCS II in my last blog entry.

Jeff Jonas has suggested that we put something together on the bus pirates. This is not a bad idea but it will take me a few weeks to pull that together as I also need some time to learn how to use it too.