Sunday, September 17, 2017

And a Cherry on top ...

Okay, so it's not a great pun to follow up the previous post but lots of things working is a cherry on top (and I being on top of things, is a "Cherry" on top of things ;-). told you it was a bad pun). I have managed to get my exim4 setup working properly to the internet, so I can now properly forward email. I have my crontab backup file and I'm restoring all the cron jobs (need to reconfigure a few things). I've also restored the main printer from the backups (odd I can't find the other printer). Nagios is again monitoring various things around the house (dang I really need to get a bunch of new batteries ... ). So overall I'm a very happy camper. Still need to work on a better backup strategy but I've decided a lot of my projects can be put in git (Github, Gitlab, Atlassian, etc) so I'll save those there. I'm also keeping rync backups to smaller sets of file groups.

I've stared working on the python script which will listen for raw IR commands from the Broadlink RM3 (the Blackbean) and publish to an MQTT topic. It seems that the raw strings are not exactly the same twice so I need to learn to properly decode those raw strings. Still needs lots of work but the basics are working now and I can update the code as I get a better grasp of the IR protocols. I'll focus on the NEC IR protocol as the main remote I'll be working with is a Tivo remote.