Thursday, January 02, 2014

Happy automated New Year

Last year was not a great year for me but I have made a lot of progress on various projects during that time. While I don't see this year getting easier I do hope I can continue to make good progress on my projects. Considering how busy I've been I can't believe I actually managed to get anything done. The latest progress is a demonstration of some of the concepts I need for the user code. As soon as I learn to proper automated testing I'll use these code segments as unit and functionality tests. What I've managed to do is to (hopefully) toss together some object oriented code. I've managed to create the interface objects (UDP and serial), create multiple protocol handlers and the devices. It still has several rough edges to work out. I am able to actually turn on and off the physical devices but not in a user loop just yet (just from the node.js command line). I still need to pull all the pieces together and then put it to the test. I have Misterhouse that can help and enough hardware to have some fun. Hopefully I can actually create something modern and useful. The last part is the web interface. I've learned a lot with Misterhouse and given it a lot of thought but I'm not there yet. At the moment I'm a bit giddy with the latest progress hopefully that will continue. It does feel good.