Friday, December 02, 2011

Christmas toys and Geeks

This Christmas I'm giving out some interesting toys to my technologist friends. I've picked up a Color Nook to one friend who is less interested in technology than reading. We'll do a bit of hacking to add a few features to the nook (like ftp/scp capabilities). I'll also throw in electronic subscriptions to his favorite magazine (Nut-n-Volts). My other friend will be getting an Ethernet Arduino and a Chipkit MAX32 (Arduino like PIC32 based system) with the Ethernet board. With these boards comes the problem of support (that's me). I also have these boards and lot of other electronics stuff. So I spent quite a bit of time setting up my new server with support environments for all of this. Yes, I have to setup my friends environment too (probably Windows). I've gone as far as setting up a few virtual machines for my QNX based Audreys. So Android, Arduino, MPLAB-X, GCC cross-compilers/development environment and Virtual Machines. Boy am I going to be a bit busy! :-)