Friday, September 28, 2007

Back in the saddle again!

While I'm still busy with school (2 classes), family and full time work. I have completed the other Perl project I've been working on (yeah!) and I recently purchased and received two new Insteon interfaces (a USB and Serial PLC). I've also picked up the INSTEON RemoteLinc Starter Kit, Silver (it's available in black too). I think that will be quite useful with Mr. House. I've also fixed the X10/Insteon problem. A filtered power bar plugged in behind a filter (weird).

I've started working on the USB code for Mr. House and I'm going to take some of that code and rewrite the broken iplcs code. My intentions are to reuse as much code as possible between the two PLCs (they are very similar). Right now all three of my PLCs are receiving X10 and decoding it properly. I get everything in triplicate. :-)

Jason Sharpee has added support for the Insteon Serial Power Line Modem (2412s) to Mr. House. There is support for X10 and Insteon. Right now it's beta code and needs further testing. It seems to be working with Linux and Windows. Good job Jason!