Thursday, October 12, 2006

Recovery (at last) ...

I've managed to, at least, partially recover my system from backups. I didn't have a full backup so I did lose a few months worth of work. So far I've installed most, if not all, of the various applications I need, I've got dhcp working (I need to add a few devices yet, such as my printer), tinydns/dnscache (I'm going to take a look at dnsmasq), and Mr. House. My wife is happy that I have partial home automation recovered as now the lights are again are working. I still have to get Asterisk up, running and integrated with Mr. House. In the mean time I need to deal with the CM11A issue (it's been unstable). I think I may use the TI103 interface from ACT. Someone did some partial work with it and I will take it a step further. I can't have my home automation down like this again. Right now I'm looking at getting a used DELL (~700 Mhz) with raid. This will probably be a good server. I'll still have another system for development. I have a UPS and need to clean up my rack.

Last night I was interviewed by The Linux Link Tech Show and it was fun. I'm going to spend some time answering the questions from the irc. I definitely want to do the show again. But first I've got to find out what I sounded like last night. I was pretty amped up! No drugs, I'm just real hyper (and over 40). I can easily get off track (which I caught myself doing many times last night). I also found myself answering question is a very round about way instead of directly and then adding commentary. I'd might be able to wear out a few kids. :-) Well lots of work and so little time to do it.