Thursday, October 12, 2006

Recovery (at last) ...

I've managed to, at least, partially recover my system from backups. I didn't have a full backup so I did lose a few months worth of work. So far I've installed most, if not all, of the various applications I need, I've got dhcp working (I need to add a few devices yet, such as my printer), tinydns/dnscache (I'm going to take a look at dnsmasq), and Mr. House. My wife is happy that I have partial home automation recovered as now the lights are again are working. I still have to get Asterisk up, running and integrated with Mr. House. In the mean time I need to deal with the CM11A issue (it's been unstable). I think I may use the TI103 interface from ACT. Someone did some partial work with it and I will take it a step further. I can't have my home automation down like this again. Right now I'm looking at getting a used DELL (~700 Mhz) with raid. This will probably be a good server. I'll still have another system for development. I have a UPS and need to clean up my rack.

Last night I was interviewed by The Linux Link Tech Show and it was fun. I'm going to spend some time answering the questions from the irc. I definitely want to do the show again. But first I've got to find out what I sounded like last night. I was pretty amped up! No drugs, I'm just real hyper (and over 40). I can easily get off track (which I caught myself doing many times last night). I also found myself answering question is a very round about way instead of directly and then adding commentary. I'd might be able to wear out a few kids. :-) Well lots of work and so little time to do it.


At 10/16/2006 3:28 PM, Blogger Tom said...

For RAID, I've been very happy with Linux software RAID with LVM on top. 2 small disks mirrored for the OS and another controller with 2 large disks mirrored for data. Just IDE masters, no slaves. LVM on top of it to divvy up partitions.

If you're buying used, get a server that's designed for 24x7 operation and has decent cooling.

btw - I've been looking for your book at the local B&N and can't find it. Should I be able to find it? Do you get any deals for pointing me somewhere?

At 10/16/2006 7:55 PM, Blogger Neil Cherry said...

I'm currently not sure what I'm going to do yet. I'm hoping to get my hands on an older rack mounted system (700 MHz) with hardware RAID (SCSI). This would be perfect for my needs. Though it may have pretty good cooling I may have rouble cooling it properly. My computer equipment is far from the central cooling in the home.

A lot of people have said that they can't find the book in their local store. It is available online (Amazon, for example). Sorry about that, what can I say I'm popular! ;-) Check the prices as you should be able to get pretty good deals. I don't know about you I generally like to hold and look through the book before I purchase it. A number of other people also commented that they do this also.


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