Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Initial reviews look good.

Some of the people who work with me have purchased my book. So at work today I did a book signing. :-) So far the reviews have been good. I doubt that anyone has fully read the book. So far I'm finding this all a bit sureal. I'm becoming more comfortable with the technical aspects of the book. I was terrified I could have screwed that up. Not something you want to do if you're a technical person in the lab.

I've begun posting the errata to the LinuxHA forums. I'll also post them to an error addendum later. I've fixed the links on the side of the page (oops). I forgot the initial part of the link and it would look for the page here on blogspot.com.

Well I still have a lot to do (Insteon software, etc.) and there are lots of little things eating away at my time. I really hope to get back to coding the Insteon code soon as I have a pressing need for that to work (especially since I have a bunch of modules to install). That's all for now.


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