Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Yahoo, we've got OpenWRT!

Well I'm 2 for 3 today. I managed to get OpenWRT up and running on my Linksys WRT54GL (White Russian RC5 for the WRT54G) and my Netgear WGT634U (Kamikaze r3032). I had a lot of problems with Firefox. First with the WRT54GL, it was the browser cache (the old page would come up not matter what), I eventually managed to stop mid-load (hit ESC right after hitting enter on the URL bar) and force an update (Ctrl-Shift-R or Shift-Left click the reload button). Then Firefox was complaining of unresponsive scripts with the WGT634U. I managed to hit continue until the script finished the download and the router rebooted. The WRT54GL is being used in my book the WGT634U I picked up cheap and now I can use it as a wireless bridge. The only one I could not update to OpenWRT with the WRT54G (V2.2) with another vendors 3rd party firmware. I'll work on that and figure out a way to resolve that.


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