Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Appearance on 'The Linux Tech Show'

I've been invited to appear on The Linux Tech Show. I checked them out (wanted to make sure that they were who I thought they are, and they are :-) and I have agreed to do it. Looks like I might be making my appearance on October 11 (2006). I'm assuming that I'm talking about the book and Linux home automation. Looks like my 15 minutes of fame is going pretty well. I'm glad that it has finally settled down at work! For a while I was being introduced as an author. This seems really out of place where you have a bunch of folks with patents and Phd's (I have neither). A book doesn't make me the smartest person in the room and I just want to be one of the team. That's the best way to learn from really smart folks, be one of them.

Seems my CM11A has given up the ghost! I can't send any commands now (Argh!). Now I have to get busy and get the Insteon controller up and running again. This really stinks! This is the 3rd CM11A that has died. The CFO (wifey) is not happy!

Something a little odd has happened (related to my web sites). My hit count has gone way up. A few weeks ago I was seeing about 500 hits a few on the www.linuxha.com. Now I'm seeing 1K+ hits. I hope this continues. Here's last weeks counts:

Open HCS II project176
This blog420
My Fortune City site70
My Geocities site0
Linuxha@Source Forge430
My Comcast site1611
Other (???): 14
Site visits total: 3813
Unique site visits total: 3796

The Geocities and Fortune City sites get redirected to my Linux HA site (so don't be surprised when it happens). The 'unique site visits' is where I removed the duplicate IP addresses. My Comcast homepage has always run in the 800 - 1200 hits/week range. This is pretty cool. Unfortunately I have to clean the pages up (especially the HCS and Linux

Now I should get back to work on updating my pages. I have a lot of information to post including Bruce PerensInsteon software: Ion. While this may not seem like a big deal right now, Bruce has solved a problem I hadn't been able to crack. That is how to read and write using libusb. This helps eliminate blacklisting HIDs, recompiling kernels and drivers and loading the driver. That's a big deal.


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