Thursday, February 08, 2007

Slick slimserver and Linksys WMLS11B

My friend 'D' gave me a Linksys WMLS11B (Wireless 802.11B) Music system. I've managed to get it connected to my home automation server. I've got SlimServer running on the server though I want to get SlimServer running on my hacked NSLU2. I also joined the Yahoo WMLS11B tech group they filled me in on all sorts of nice little details to make the WMLS11B useful (even though Linksys has abandoned it). I've got to pick up a few more of these for around the house. I actually listen to music more than I watch TV. 'D' also picked up a 2 small digital I/O boards from Ortech Education Systems. The first is an Ethernet board (the Ether I/O 24), it support UPD/IP. The second is a USB 24 bit I/O board (the USB I/O 24 R). I've got the various details and hope to get to playing with them in the next few months. Remember I have to share my time with school and I'm again doing the single day. 200 mile (208 - 212 mile actually). Lastly I'm still having some trouble with Asterisk. I can't get the SPA-3102 to talk to the Asterisk server even though I had this working less than 6 months ago (the server crash).


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