Friday, December 22, 2006

A busy day

Today was a busy day (well yesterday really). I updated my admin tools on my Linux Smart Homes For Dummies Forums. I installed Anti-Spam ACP

for PHPBB Forums. Seems things are a little messed up on my setup and I had to edit most of the files by hand. Works great so far. Hopefully it will lower the spammer registrations I've been getting (about 25 a day).

I've been drooling over the Linksys WRT350N Wireless-N Gigabit Router (~$170) and the ARMmite ($49). The Linksys WRT350N is a 802.11n (pre-n or draft n) wireless access point with a 4 port Gig-E switch and a USB port (for network storage). OpenWRT is supposed to have an imag e ready t run on this machine, sweet! The ARMmite is low-cost single board computer with 24 TTL compatible digital I/Os shared with 8 10-bit A/D pins, USB interface, and built-in BASIC compiler. This could make for a very nice (and powerful) micro-controller (possibly a node on my RS485 HA network).

My X10 network is acting up. I have a transmitter that won't shut up! It's spewing out different commands all day long. It's a bad time of year for this to happen. Now I've got to find this trouble maker and shut it up.

Looks like I'll be attending online College classes (Pace University). My employer really wants to see degrees backing up the position I current have. They've provided a means to achieve that and I'm taking advantage of it. Looks like the next 2 years will be interesting.


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