Thursday, November 23, 2006

An interesting event, a power hit!

Yesterday morning my home took a quick power hit. I'm guessing that it was the high winds in the area. This is not really that unusual as my area has been experiencing power problems more and more lately (see Another bad day ...). What is unusual is that I have everything on several UPS boxes (I learned my lesson, yeah!). So it was interesting to watch my cable modem lights as the power dipped and my computers stayed up and running (yeah!). What I noticed was the online and link lights went out on my cable modem. The cable modem is on the UPS as well as the firewall/router. This is a pretty clear indicator that my local ISP (Comcast) doesn't have their street equipment on battery backup and that a local power failure means no Internet connectivity. This really isn't too much of a problem as I've kept my copper line but others may not understand that if their Internet connectivity goes out they may not have their VoIP service.


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