Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ti-i-i-me's not on my side ...

Well time is short and I haven't much of it. Seems I need to go back to school if I want to advance in my job. So it's off to school I go. Meanwhile my mind wanders to all my HA projects and a few other things. I'm currently working on a Farmpark project (more on that at a later date), Dave Houston's Rozetta HA controller, the HCS project, my normal HA pages (links right), and a nagging X10 problem where I can reach the X10 devices on opposite phase from my PLC's but can't reach the X10 modules on the same phase as the PLC's. To make matter worse the signal appear strong (4.5V on the ESM1). So I have no working X10 at home. ARGH! So for those of you who try to contact me please be patient. I'm not ignoring you I'm just swamped. I'll figure out some kind of schedule and get things working again. Just a little bit slower.



At 3/03/2007 4:14 AM, Anonymous David said...


Sorry, I don't think I know enough about x10 to offer suggestions. Problems like that tends to bite really bad.

I recently bought a copy of your HA for Dummies and love it, but (there is always a 'but' isn't there), some of the x10 stuff has me looking for information and drawing a blank.

I'm designing a house that will be off the grid (due to the utility company wanting ~$30k to run lines) and power is cheaper to save than generate using solar/water as a source. Automation won't do me much good if I use a good bit of the power I generate just to run HA stuff.

Will they even work in a system where power is supplied by an true sine wave inverter?

I wonder if you might happen to also know how much power x10 modules consume? Better yet even, do you know if the x10 modules (or any other's) can be hacked to draw power from a DC power source and still switch an AC load?

Ok, I've used enough of your time for one day:)

Good luck trouble shooting....



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