Monday, February 12, 2007

A long but productive week

It was an interesting week that past, I started out with 4 bad asthma days, followed it by 5 days of flue. But during that time I received the Linksys WMLS11B (Media play), figured out that it needs UPnP (Slimserver is OK but isn't a UPnP server). Got Asterisk up and running with 2 POTS lines (1 copper/1 VoIP) for access to the PSTN. Got the telemarketer blacklist working under 1.4 Asterisk with AEL. Moved the AT&T Call Vantage adapter from in front of the Linksys (where all my Internet traffic passes through the adapter) to behind it (where no Internet traffic passes through the adapter). Took only one day off from work (the fever got real bad on Friday). I worked VO the rest of the time (I've got my lab equipment setup properly for such things). And a few other things I can't remember right now.

I'll probably need to work on the QoS parameters for the AT&T Call Vantage VoIP service (that's why they want you to directly connect it to the cable modem). I'll also probably end up with Twonky Music on my NSLU2 (Unslung 6.8). Gmediaserver did work out because it doesn't transcode ogg to an mp3 stream (it streams the ogg which the Linksys doesn't understand) and almost all my music is 192Kb ogg (for my Neuros). I'll still play with the SLimserver to see what I can get it to do (it can transcode) and I'll be getting a few more WMLS11Bs for playing music around the house. I'll also need to break out the old 802.11b router or get my 802.11b card in my server to handle the old WEP setup (I use WPA on the 802.11g network). This should really work out for when I'm working on my indoor exercise program. And since it looks like we're looking at some snow I'll be doing lots of indoor training. Now I just need the appropriate music to keep the tem po up.


At 2/18/2007 1:51 PM, Blogger Zaara said...

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At 2/18/2007 2:27 PM, Blogger Neil Cherry said...

Zaara, don't post this junk to my blog as a comment. Nothing you posted has anything to do with home automation. It's just spam and you're a spammer.

At 11/29/2007 9:43 AM, Anonymous Michael Stovenour said...

Neil, have you managed to use Asterisk w/ CallVantage? I'm a CallVantage customer but I want more than just POTS phones in my home. I'd like to have a couple of SIP phones w/ intercom that I can integrate to MrHouse, but it does me little good to use Asterisk if I can't use it with CallVantage. I work for a VoIP equipment maker that provides (or did provide) the software (ASX) for CallVantage. When I looked at the CallVantage authentication scheme it looked to me like I would only be able to integrate Astersik if ATT would provide me with the credentials they programmed into my DLink TA.

At 11/29/2007 1:11 PM, Blogger Neil Cherry said...

Actually I pulled out the CallVantage and just kept my AT&T POTS (plain old telephone service) line. I was experiencing a lot of problems with echo vs. volume with the SPA3000/SPA3102 adapter. I had finally had it so I tugged it out. I'm also saving a few dollars on power and by reducing cost around the home. Misterhouse is still running but I've simplified it to a lot fewer controllers. I'm thinking of giving SIPX a shot and see it lessens the problem, lowers the CPU utilization and/or is a general better package. I just need to get some time as I'm working on a lot of projects including a presentation for Trenton Computer Festival and doing a review of the Elk M1. I'm really looking forward to the M1! Don't worry my Linux stuff isn't going away. The Elk will be interfaced to an embedded Linux board.


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