Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded Edition

Looks like Ubuntu has a distribution for mobile and embedded devices called Fluxbuntu. I read an article on the Beeb titled: Linux evolves for mobile devices and an article on CRN Australia titled: Intel launches new Centrino, UltraMobile PC platforms. I don't know how this is going to play out for mobile devices (we're not talking moble phones). It seems that when it comes to embedded devices it's Debian and Ubuntu that are the top two distributions of choice (see's article titled: Snapshot of the embedded Linux market - April 2007 for further details) Ubuntu has a good reputation for easy of install and use for new users. It should be pretty much the same for developers as it is just Linux. What we do know is that Ubuntu supports a Desktop Linux and Server Linux. I've never used the Server package as I run Fedora at home but I have worked with the desktop set and it's OK (no distribution really impresses me that much) but I didn't really bang on it. My interests in Linux based embedded systems are basic, no real GUI. The user will either use a Browser or the command line via telnet or a serial port. Currently most of my stuff is using a Debian distribution (N770, NSLU, WRT54G, Netgear WGT634U, and my TS-7200 HA controller) and an unknown distribution on my Tivo and an IP Camera I have. For these embedded devices it's pretty much a Linux kernel, some basic utilities (much which is provided by Busybox), the main app. and it's support files.


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