Friday, November 25, 2005

Some Sanity at last!

Well the last few days have been fun (to say the least) and I've started my planning on how to provide some redundancy for when the next failure occurs (there is always a next failure). Right now I have my WRT54G performing some DNS duties using dnsmasq and I can manually turn on the dhcpd as needed. Although the dhcpd functionality is a bit weak. I'll setup another machine as an identical server (except for IP address and a few other things). Eventually I'll try to use the NSLU2 I have for most of the daemon functionality. Right now I have too many things going on to properly dive into that project now.

So far I've managed to get Fedora 4 fully loaded on my new server. I have Firefox 1.5rc3 and Thundebird 1.5rc running but I don't yet have my email straightened out (lot's of email addressses). DHCPD, dns (tinydns & dnscache), and Apache are up and running. I still need to get Samba, printing and my cron jobs. The cron jobs are very critical as I had them setup to update my web pages soon after I made changes on my local machine. I didn't have to worry about publishing them.

My Linux HA page @Comcast is at it's 25M limit and I've also begun work on copying everthing over to my new Linux HA web site. This one is going to be a bit more complicated as I've been using it as a backup site for my various web pages. In the coming months (it's now 11/2005) it's going to be the main home of the Linux HA pages. I've also adopted Tymm Twillman's Bottlerocket (X10's CM17A) page and support. I guess it's a good idea to keep the a wayward home for Linux Home Automation section. That way some of these projects aren't lost for ever. Right now I have 500 MB of web space (I'm currently only using ~100 MB). When I renew with I'll have about 20 GB. I doubt I'll need that much (but I'm sure I can find a use for it ;-). The choice of the account is that it include ssh access.


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