Friday, September 09, 2005

And so it begins ...

Well first let me get this out of the way (some good news). The other day I pulled my insteond package off the net because I believed that there were license incompatibilities between the Insteon License and my choice of the GPL. I've spoken to Bob Cusey, from Insteon, and he say they have no problem with what I posted except the name. So I changed it to iplcd and I've reposted the code on the internet for all to use. I've also created a man page, the readme, a little history file and I'm trying to learn how to use the auto tools and build RPMs (I still maintain the tar balls also). The last 2 items are driving me nuts. They're very flexible but also very confusing.

And not the reason for today's post. I've signed a contract with Wiley to write a book called "Linux Smart Homes for Dummies". I'm hoping all these links and my postings are enough to help me write a good book. I'm not much of a writer so this will be a difficult task. I will cover the basics such as X10 (still has too much of a market to ignore them), Asterisk, IP cameras, some security and other topics. All of it to fall under Open Source, of course.


At 9/24/2005 8:34 PM, Blogger Leonardo said...

Nice to see you working on a book like this!


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