Sunday, August 07, 2005

Jane, get me off this crazy thing!

Oh what an interesting week! I've been playing with Asterisk and I'm reading all sorts of manuals on dial plans, macros and the SPA-3000 (ATA, and VoIP to PSTN device). I've borrowed another 4 port ATA (analog telephone adapter), it's a little expensive but does work quite well. So far it hasn't been much trouble and seems to work OK. The actual trouble has been with the configuration of the SPA-3000 and the problem is not Sipura's! I've been using Firefox and I tend to open lots of tabs (don't even bother suggesting IE, I'm Linux and I love using the tabs). Well it seems that if you open too many tabs (with lots of Java and JavaScript) it tends to blow up from time to time. If one of the open tabs is the SPA-3000 window a mangled reply gets sent to the SPA-3000 when Firefox crashes and the SPA-3000 gets hosed up to the point where I have to reset it to factory defaults. So far I've reset it 5 times. Each time I try to remember what I did to get it working. It's complicated because there's a dial plan for the SPA line 1, (you plug the telephone in there) a dial plan for PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) and a dial plan for the VoIP portion. So far I've managed to get calls to and from the extensions (local VoIP to local VoIP), extensions to FWD (local VoIP to external VoIP), extensions to the PSTN (VoIP to PSTN) and PSTN to the extensions (well just to the main extension). I also have the voice mail working. I have a new recording for incoming calls (a gsm message) and I need to build a new macro to use that message instead of the extensions message. Now my only troublemaker left is my Grandstream BT100 IP phone. I have no dial tone and you can't call it (goes to voice mail). Despite all the trouble I'm getting a pretty good understanding of how things work. That doesn't mean I know what I'm doing but at least I've got a working setup. An now onto my X10 stuff (I've got various confusion going on there too).


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