Friday, July 15, 2005

Fun with Laptops part II

Well to my surprise I managed to get the ndiswrapper/wpa_supplicant combo to work with my PCMCIA Linksys WPC11 (Yeah, I have 11M!). Strange thing is I also managed to get ndiswrapper & Linux to recognize the Broadcom card (54M). It shows up under IRQ 10. So that's a major step. The Broadcom card is a BCM43xG1 (BCM430G - Vendor ID 14E4, Device ID 4318, Subsys 103C 1355). I can't get the Broadcom card working, wpa_supplicant can't find anything. But I now have a network connection. :-) I'll spend more time working on the Broadcom card and see if I get it to work properly.

So the score so far: I used SystemRescueCD (yeah it's spelled that way) to repartition the 40G drive, loaded Fedora 4, fixed the X screen (removed the Hort & Vert settings, added 1024x768), sound isn't working but seems to be recognized, the USB, network and just about everything else seems to be working. I now need to work on SELinux (I'm not familiar with it) and I need to get a few new apps running (Asterisk).

So let say me thanks to the ndiswrapper and wpa_supplicant folks (Thanks!).


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