Monday, May 30, 2005

Asterisk & AMP

The last few weeks have been interesting, I've been training for a double century bicycle ride (200+ miles in one day). A few weeks ago I began training too hard and last week it finally caught up with me after a training century. The next day I was supposed to ride a metric (62 miles) but wasn't up to it. Luckily I decided to take the entire week 'off the bike'. Saturday and Sunday I rode 2 centuries and my legs are telling me they're ready for more. So why would I write about his in my HA BLOG? Well as it turns out that training also turned my mind to mush (you get so tired you don't even want to think about it). Well I now know better and I've decided to take it easy for the rest of the summer. Of course my wife has plenty for me to do also. :-)

So I've been playing with Asterisk, Sipura SPA-3000, Grandstream BT100 and AMP (Asterisk Management Portal). I'm having a great deal of trouble with MYSQL as I think, at some point, I set it up so root couldn't do anything with the databases. Since I'm not an expert with MYSQL I can't figure out how to fix it. Grrr! Now when I try to start up AMP (it's on my Gentoo machine) it really doesn't work and I haven't figured out what it's doing or not doing yet.

I think I've had it with Gentoo, nothing really wrong with it except I really like my System V rc scripts and other System V stuff I grew up on (it's an old AT&T vs. BSD thing). So I hope to setup a new system under Fedora IV (with all it's warts) and move everything over to that. Then on to tackling Asterisk, AMP and the hardware. After that's settled I'm going to get a Cisco 7960 for a few weeks. It's great eye candy and I'm hoping to get it working well enough that my wife will let me keep it (Look, Honey, what followed me home. Can we keep it? ;-)


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