Thursday, August 18, 2005

A happier camper ...

Well now I'm a happier camper! I have my Insteon PLC3 controller working with my insteond daemon. I made one really big mistake in my code initially, I used a strncpy instead of a memcpy (I'm moving bytes not strings). So far I'm able to properly send commands (X10 and Insteon) to the controller and the other devices react properly. I've only done some light interpretation of what the device is sending back to Linux. Really this is only stage one of many stages. I'll need to create the Salad assembler & downloader for Linux so I can assemble and download the SALad programs. The I'll need the device manager (hopefully in MH) and more to follow. This looks like it can be a very powerful replacement of X10. Hopefully it's a lot more reliable too.


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