Friday, November 18, 2005

Requiem for a server

Well, it's now official, my main server is dead. Looks like it may have been a power supply problem. The total damage so far:

  • Keyboard (which I've had for about 6 years)
  • 512 M ram SIMS
  • Motherboard

My interim solution is to dual boot my Win2K box. I will have to put together a better server and get my battery backup working (need 2 large motorcycle size deep discharge batteries). I was surprised when my wife suggested I was going to spend the weekend searching for a new server but didn't give me a hard time about it. I'm not going get a new server right now as I've spent my budget for the month (The N770, a wireless PCI card and few other things). I'm now on Fedora 4 (I was on FC1/2) and I've begun the work of getting all the custom programs running again.

BTW, I've been typing this, on the N770. I've currently got the guts of 2 computers stretched out on the floor so the N770's small size is fantastic! While I'm busy debugging I can search the web for info.


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