Sunday, April 11, 2010


Well I in addition to having the SheevaPlug up and running I now have MisterHouse up and running on the Plug. After a few annoying modules that were needed (they tend to lead to other modules that are missing and needed etc. etc., annoying). Anyway I added HTTP::Date, HTML::FormatText and their dependencies and MH seems to be running okay. I'll work on getting X10, Insteon and a few other things working later. For now I'll see how well MH runs on it's own. Here's the output of the free command:
mh@sheeva:~/code$ free
             total  used   free   shared buffers cached
 Mem:        513752 217536 296216 0      1512    170476
 -/+ buffers/cache: 45548  468204
 Swap:       0      0      0 
I'm going to attempt to use this system without any swap. I'm pretty sure I can accomplish this.



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