Wednesday, February 03, 2010

My Facebook account was lynched by a Facebook mob!?!

Wow, I came home to a Inbox full of angry people! I'm not sure what it is that I was supposed to have done to offend (many claimed I was spying, quite a few were quite vulgar). Well my Linux Home Automation Facebook account has never gone out and asked for friends in any way. And I've only looked up people's profile when they sent a friend request. I don't know maybe my account was hacked (it would be odd but possible, boy that would be embarrassing!). Either way the account is now disabled. So I decided to do a little Internet searching and found this thread from hoax-slayer. From what little I can tell my account was disabled because people went to block 'Automated Labs' - a Farmville cheat (not block but search actually) and my linuxha Facebook id came up first. A number of people attempted to block me and anyone else on the list then 33 different people sent me hate mail (I'm a NY'r I'm not going to cry ... ;-). My favorite thread quote is from Scott Coole (this was not to me but in response to someone named Toni):

With all due respect toni,what you are saying below is false.Look up Linux Home Automation and go to bottom of page where it says hacks, click on that site link and it will take you to a site dedicated to hack anything electronically programmed or run including games......That was one of the groups that came up for me ...and I researched it.Do as you wish but a hack site and people that come up along with it will be blocked on my acct.

Now I have no qualms with Scott blocking my account. He obviously has no interest in the material on my site . BTW, further down the thread Scott mentions a 'fluorescent green' page (???). I'm sure that Scott did a quality job of researching 'Linux Home Automation', oddly I can't find this 'fluorescent green' page. Also there are no games on any of my sites nor is there anything illegal or morally wrong - though there are grammatical mistakes. I've counted some 37 times I've mentioned the word hack, usually in reference to a kludged hardware/software fix or a hardware/software improvement not originally envisioned by the vendor. Also he doesn't know me so I doubt he can place any trust in me. I do take some offense at his inference of my reputation being questionable. None of what I have on any of my pages is illegal (or morally questionable, at least in the US). His assertion that the word 'hack' leads to illegal activities is quite the leap of faith. I hope he has good luck in the lottery with his psychic abilities. Sorry but I am protective of my online reputation.

So there you have it, my linuxha Facebook account has been lynched, the spectators have passed in precession and some have spit. As for the rest of the linuxha online persona, well the Internet goes on.

Oh to the folks in the thread that pointed out that the names may have nothing to do with 'Automated Labs', thanks. It nice to know that part of the world can think on their own.


At 2/18/2010 9:34 PM, Blogger Neil Cherry said...

Facebook responded today and said that my linuxha account didn't have a real name. I can't recall so I won't argue. Anyway it's back up and running.


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