Sunday, September 20, 2009

The future of home automation ;-)

I found this on Slashdot and found it to be quite funny (it was also rated funny). The original quotes (under IPv6 Adoption Will Grow With Smart Grid Adoption, Hopes Cisco) were part of an IPv6 discussion. It seems that anything to do with the smart grid and home automation is now a hot topic as every company is getting into it. But these two comments seem to sum up the times quit well:

by sexconker

I can't wait to DDoS your fridge, then call you up (over VoIP) and ask you if your fridge is running.

by geekoid (135745)

Why don't you just subscribe to his fridge's twitter feed?

One of the things being talked about with IPv6 (other than the addressing issues that it resolves) is it's security. Of course if the home automation industry doesn't include the security from the start IPv6's security features are just a mute point. Another interesting thing is that it seems that where ever smart grids are discussed the topic of home automation comes up. Seems it is the dawning of home automation for the masses. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.


At 10/01/2009 4:04 AM, Blogger ^^^ [e] ^^^ said...


I just chanced upon your site/blog while looking up on the best solution for home automation.

I am interested in controlling devices around my room (for now), consisting of an air conditioning unit(IR), and a light and 2 to 3 appliances.

I hope to control them through my Mac Mini running OSX, or a Linux box.

Insteon initially interested me, but as I'm living in a 230V country, that option is pretty much dead. So I think the best option for me is the X10 range.

Also, I think using MisterHouse is the best option, with a CM12 controller.

The question is, does this path of action sound viable? The concern is that I notice that HA seems to be pretty dead on the web, with the CM11/12 not in production anymore, MisterHouse not exactly working well with CM15, and that most resouces are all dated around 2006 without much recent development.

Maybe you can share with me if HA is indeed that dead nowadays?

At 10/01/2009 10:06 AM, Blogger Neil Cherry said...

I think the answer you got on the Mr. House mail list is probably the best. The Marmitek serial unit is probably your best bet. I think Xantek (sp?) has some extended X10 devices that work well (as well as X10 does) but I don't know a whole lot about them.

At 10/10/2009 6:20 AM, Anonymous Home Owner said...

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At 11/06/2009 11:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, thank you for that spam Home Owner!


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