Thursday, June 25, 2009

Where's the beef? MS Holm

The other day I criticized Google's Wave protocol/product. Actually I criticized the presentation for being too 'ra-ra'. At the moment we have such a large selection of protocols to choose from that I couldn't see anything that made Wave stand out as being 'the one'. Now Microsoft has a new product or service called Hohm. So far I've seen a lot of marketing information and people saying how great it is (are they really using it or is this just more 'ra-ra'?) but nothing that really tells me what it is and how I can use it. At least Google has a real product, explaination and demo of what Wave does. Microsoft does not, it has a blury demo and what amounts to something that looks like slides in a Youtube video. I mean are they going to ask me to enter my monthly usage and they'll print pretty pictures and then suggest that I switch to fluorescent light bulbs (well duh!). I can do that from the comfort of my scripts here at home. I knew that these services would eventually start popping up. We're an information based society and it was just a matter of time before we could receive this via the internet. If this is the case (you manually enter the info) then I can do that from home. Heck I can see that just by looking at my bills. It's right there with the payment due. For this to really be usefull we need a way to tie the home's power distribution system to a monitoring system. that way we're not just looking at the while house but a breakdown of the systems. Lets face it wouldn't it be nice to have a graph that says that the refrigerator uses x watts and costs you $y? Rather than saying your house uses x watts and costs you $y. The bill does that nicely now.


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