Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Updated OpenRemote

First, Happy St. Patrick's day! :-)

For the past few months it's looked like OpenRemote hasn't been doing much. Quite the contrary! I know that Marc Fleury and Juha Lindsfor have been quite busy and they're about to show off their work. If you visit the site you will see a major update to the site. Also there is going to be some photos and descriptions of some of the tools and software to be used with OpenRemote. I'm looking forward to the day when I've completed my current degree and I can begin putting more time into coding. Right now I'm busy with school and learning Java, Groovy and AI. I have much to learn and in doing so I hope, much to offer. Let's face it I have plenty ideas but I don't often have the knowledge to implement them. I'm confident that OpenRemote will bring something completely new to the Smart Home party.

My vision of OpenRemote has Groovy as the user programming language extension (don't worry most people will just use the web front end), it will have remote command line access like a cisco router and include the expect library. This is not all of the features but these are some things I've been giving thought to. Marc has been razzing me about me clinging to the command line but I've found that, for diagnostics the command line is hard to beat when things are really down. Of course this command line may just be a bash shell with the appropriate tools (that's work). But the Groovy extension I think will be very cool. Getting fancy with it could mean we have threaded processes (something not easily done on othe smart home software). This will be a great tool for user extensibility. One library/tool I hope to get working is Expect. I've used Expect with Tcl and it makes talking to various devices incredibly easy. With Groovy I think we can extend that even further. Of course first I'll need to create working examples in Groovy. :-)


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