Monday, February 08, 2010

IPv6 up and running!

Slightly odd weekend, I had to deal with the snow storm (shoveling the walk, twice - grrr plow driver!), finish up with installing the wireless software for OpenWRT, 8.09.2 and the WGT634u (kmod-ath5k). In between I installed one WGT634u which has no wireless card. This left more memory for IPv6. So I took the initial steps to start the tunnel between my WGT634u and Hurricane Electric (an IPv6 tunneling service). I didn't leave it up and running as I'm not certain about the current state of my firewall with respect to IPv6 but I was able to ping a few things before turning off the tunnel. Hopefully I'll get more IPv6 up and running. In the mean time I have added a lot more to my Home IPv6 notes page I've also noticed that my IPv6 Certification is still at newbie. I'll attempt a few of the certification tests and see if I can't move up a bit. :-) By now I think I know a bit more about IPv6.


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