Tuesday, April 22, 2008

That sync'n feeling ...

Finally, I have the ability to sync (at least partially) between my Pantech C810 Duo+ with my Linux server and Thunderbird. I'm using Funambol on my home automation server. So far I have the contacts syncing properly and I need to work on the calendar and tasks. I'm getting partial syncing with Calendar but nothing with tasks yet. I'm not going to sync my email as I might as well use my IP connection to directly send my email (I have an 'unlimited' data plan, I think. Hmm, I'd better check). Anyway now I'll be able properly sync my information and keep it with me. What I've done is to install Funambol on my phone, install the Funambol server, change it's listening port (changed in serve.xml) and as a plugin for Thunderbird. Actually I had to uninstall the plugin once I found that the synchronize -> configure -> account settings were blank and couldn't be save (there's also a Javascript error that it can't create some @mozilla component but you had to start the error console to see it). I then linked libcurl.so.3 to libcurl.so.4 (I'm still running Fedora 6), added the Thunderbird path to /etc/ld.so.conf.d/local.conf and issued the command ldconfig. What's happening is that Thunderbird can't find libcurl.so.4 and libxpcom.so. You can find this out by typing ldd libfnblComponent.so while the plugin is install in your ~/.thunderbird/<profile>/extensions ... /syncmlplugin@funambol.com/components/ directory (sorry, had to break the line in two, also change profile the whatever directory you have as your profile directory).


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