Thursday, February 21, 2008

Windows Mobile sync's with Linux!

A major battle has been fought and won today ... Okay it wasn't a major battle but one that I needed to win anyway. Today I managed to get my Pantech Duo+ to be recognized by Ubuntu and not lose my wireless connection! First I went to the Synce On Ubuntu wiki page and followed their directions for Gutsy (I recently upgraded to Gutsy from Feisty). After I followed their directions I was getting a rather odd error when I attempted to run pls (pls: symbol lookup error: pls: undefined symbol: rapi_connection_from_name). After some confusion, I performed a software upgrade and a newer version of related software was upgraded. I now no longer had that error but I could connect to my Duo and have the WiFi up. Network Manager would allow one or the other (argh!). So I left my WiFi up and instead manually configured eth1 like so sudo ifconfig eth1 I then performed a ping -c 3 (ping 2 times), it worked! Then I tried pls again and got:

    $ pls
   Directory               2003-01-01 12:00:10  My Pictures/
   Directory               2003-01-01 12:00:10  My Ringtones/
   Directory               2005-05-09 01:00:32  Templates/
   Directory               2008-01-07 15:55:14  My Videos/
   Directory               2008-01-18 17:15:32  Notes/
   Archive        1023380  2008-02-15 23:00:40  GoogleMaps.CAB

I'll now attempt to get the Contacts and Calendar information from the Smart Phone. So far I am pleased with the phone but I'm amazed at how poorly the Microsoft Activesync works with my Windows XP. I can only get the Smart Phone to be seen by XP only once in a while. I've tried it with Outlook, without Outlook, with WiFi, without WiFi, etc. Activesync would start, recognizing that I plugged in the phone but failed to find the phone. The diag. tool that comes with Activesync (4.5) never finds the phone. Linux sees it all the time, as either a rndis_host or a ttyUSB0 depending on the connection settings in Windows Mobile. I'll need to work on the Activesync problem as I need to keep my work schedule on the phone. It will be nice to be able to back it up to Linux and maybe even transfer the information to Linux so I can add it to some kind of Calendar Software under Linux.


At 2/22/2008 6:02 PM, Blogger Cristopher said...

Attempted the above and when trying to run the 'pls' command I received the following area:

** (process:14347): WARNING **: No devices connected to odccm
pls: Could not find configuration at path '(Default)'

No idea what to do with that. Any thoughts?

At 2/22/2008 8:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Basically it's not seeing your Smartphone. Does your eth1 (assuming that eth0 is your local Ethernet) have an IP address? Does dmesg indicate that an rndis device loaded?


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