Thursday, January 17, 2008

Home Automation Presentation

Recently, (Jan. 14, 2008) I presented to the PPCUG my HA presentation (found here). I think I did a pretty good job though there were a few slides I need to merge and I've decided listing the software is boring. I'll have to present working software in the next presentation (see here for a schedule). On the PPCUG presentation I only made it up to slide 54 out of 74. The rest of the slides were extra information that I kept in case I needed more. I spoke for 1 hour and 45 minutes (105 minutes). I don't think I needed the extra slides.

My next presentation is at Mercer County Library on Feb. 13, 2008. I'll be presenting to Linux Users Group in Princeton (LUGIP). The previous presentation was general HA on a PC. This time the presentation is more geared towards Linux so I'll demonstrate Heyu and Misterhouse. I'll need to use my spare CM11A. I hope it works. I haven't figure out what slides need to go but I'll work on that this month.

Meanwhile I've ordered this doll house from Hobby Masters in Red Bank, NJ. I love going in there and looking around. Usually I'm buying train stuff. When I explained to the staff the reason for the doll house I got funny looks but once they got used to the idea they were very helpful (how many people do you know have an automated doll house?). My friends intend to help with the building and automating but I'm a little unhappy about the controlled implosion plans (yes, they're serious). I may have to hide the house once it's complete. The doll house is for the Trenton Computer Festival (TCF) on Apr. 26, 2008. Not only will I be controlling and monitoring the house I'll be demonstrating with Misterhouse. I'll probably have to have a few external X10/Insteon devices to show also. My friend 'D' gave me a 7" color LCD TV and a tiny wireless camera. I'll have to see if I can integrate them into the presentation. That might be a bit much but we'll see.


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