Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Busy, busy, busy!

Yes, I'm busy! ;-) Right now I'm winding down to my semester finals in 2 courses (shouldn't that be winding up?). I've been asked to do presentations on Home Automation/Domotica for 3 local user groups here in NJ over the next few month and I'm hoping to also do a presentation at the Trenton Computer Festival at the College of NJ on April 25 - 27th. Right now my presentation is about 150 pages long and growing. Despite the fact that it's growing I'll be able to trim it down to a more manageable size. I'm hoping to have something special for TCF but I'm not willing to talk about it at this time as it's not complete. In fact it's just in the planing state. It seems that the one presentation document can become many presentations. There's a piece on my book (Linux Smart Homes For Dummies), Misterhouse, an intro to HA, explanations of what HA is, the types of connectivity, products, protocols, software for Linux, Windows and Mac and low, and even mid and high end systems. The final material for the presentation will be on my web site under HA Presentation on my site. Right now it's just a rough outline of the slides. Oh be careful if you copy the material I have permission to use the images from various vendors but that may not extend to other using these slide.


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