Friday, November 30, 2007

Home Automation Forums

As I stated in my previous Blog entry there are a number of forums for those interested in HA. I particularly like visiting Domotica Europe and Cocoontech. Domotica Europe is nice because I get to see what the folks in Europe are using. Here's the list:

  • Domotica Europe - The rest of the world refers to home automation as Domotics or Domotica and these forums are for those who are in Europe and surrounding areas and are interested in Domotics.
  • Cocoontech - General Home Automation sites. Has coverage for HA, Home theater, home security and wiring.
  • Smarthome forums - Smart Home Automation product forums and general HA topics.
  • Automated - UK
  • X10 Wireless Forums - Forums related to the X10 products, not just wireless.
  • EIB Forums - Forums for EIB and KNX home automation.
  • Linux Smart Homes For Dummies - These are my forums for my book and general home automation (not just Linux)
  • comp.home.automation - the Usenet newsgroup for everything home automated.


At 12/25/2007 6:14 PM, Anonymous DarioG said...

added myself :) thanks

At 12/26/2007 3:55 PM, Blogger Neil Cherry said...

'Added yourelf' to what? To one of the forums above (that would be a good thing :-)?


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