Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Switching my server to CentOS

I've been using Fedora Core (and Red Hat before it) on my home automation server. The one thing that I've never liked was the speed at which it was time to upgrade to the next release. By the time I had my server stable I was upgrading to the next release. The problem is not Fedora's as that is what the Fedora distribution is for. As one gentleman pointed out: for stable servers I could either use CentOS or Red Hat. Since you pay for Red Hat support that's a bit beyond what I need. However I would appreciate the stability of the distribution for my home automation server. So I've decided to move to CentOS 5. Before everyone argues for their favorite distribution let me say that I am familiar with the Red Hat/CentOS/Fedora layout and setup and would prefer to stay with it. Currently my server is on Fedora FC6 to get to Core 8 I'd need to backup and then restore my important files, custom daemons and other important programs after I did a fresh install. If I'm going to that much trouble why not just install CentOS and stick with extra stability? I don't need cutting edge and on a server I don't need eye candy. Since I really need to have a stable server that's the route I'm going.


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