Thursday, May 12, 2016

I made it to Wiki (WAF)

Okay this is kind of funny, my book got quoted (yea), but not for what I would have expect (hey, at least someone read it ;-)). While up on Hackaday, I found an interesting ESP8266 Weather Station project. There I found that Christian Moll had credited a German magazine named: 'ct'. With being the first to use WAF or as ct put it Women Acceptance Factor (lost in translation?), in 2006 (Glossar: WAF). Chris found another link: WAF (Wikipedia) where my book was referenced for SAF. I wasn't the first, I just recall starting to use it in the 90's on the newsgroup: comp.home.automation. In fact, in the mid 90's we started to see a rise of women in the newsgroup so we started using the alternative SAF since we never knew if the spouse was going to be male of female. That's the term I used in my book and that's what I was credited for. It's not a bad thing to be credited with. :-)

Maybe someday, someone will quote my book for HA. At least I still find it useful. And since I have a reference on Wikipedia, I'm famous ... for today. ;-)


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