Saturday, December 05, 2015

The Arduino, the good and the bad. (cont'd)

Seems my Arduino Uno, with the W5200, is unstable. The MQTT code mostly worked yesterday but today fails completely. Part of the problem is that the SD card wasn't inserted. Seems it needs to have that SD card in there (hmm, need to look at that). I already suspect the library. I really love those crazy, complex confusing macros. They make the code so easy to understand (not!). I'll look into those later. Right now I need to sit down get some notes together (and my SPI tools) so I can debug this properly. One of the first notes I need to understand is the byte order of Little Indian/Big Indian. This part will be easy as I've been working Indian-ness for years (Intel x86 vs Moto 68K).


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