Friday, March 27, 2015

Internet of Things, sort of ...

I currently am a member of a nice maker space (IXR) in Wall Township, NJ (at InfoAge). And I've decided to add a few of my HA nodes to the network there. I have a spare weather station so rather than let it go to waste I'll set it up there. I'll then add one of my Chipkit MQTT nodes and finally I'll take a Raspberry Pi. I'll have to setup the Pi to use as much Cloud technology as possible. I'd love to figure out how to do NSF into the cloud for the Pi. I'll need to work on that. The MQTT node will be setup for simple commands, monitor attached sensors and control some very minor devices (LEDs, maybe a serial LCD). I'll also need to set it up to login to a cloud MQTT service. Control of the MQTT node will be done by my HA software in my home. So I'll have access to local and remote nodes. . I'm currently working on getting an MQTT service working with my home HA MQTT node.


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