Friday, December 26, 2014

Mochad bug fix

This has been driving me nuts. Mochad would lock up from time to time and always when sending the USB data. I found that the particular USB library call was deprecated and tried the timeout version. Result: still doesn't work, doesn't timeout. So I added a bunch of debug statements and accidentally found the CM15A was sending an 0xA5. I recognized that immediately as the request to reset the time. I then added a routine to reset the time and the problem is solved (I hope). I'll need to get this up on git so others can find it. I've added the updates to my mochad repo on my Github account. I've incremented the version to 0.1.17. I'll also add support for IPV6 in version 0.1.18. For no other reason than to experiment with IPV6. I'll also add some features to make it useful to debug.


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