Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas toys :-)

While I did pick up a few store bought things for my friends I also picked up a few things to build. I ordered some Fubarinos mini boards (PIC32), WIZ550io boards, and DHT22 (Humidity & Temperature) sensors. My friends also have HA systems and I figured a nice programmable sensor node would be a good thing to have. While mine sits on a MQTT network these will be simple nodes that serve up HTTP until I can get a bit more of MQTT working with the HA software they're using. I've also picked up a few ESP8266 WiFi modules. At this time I don't have specific plans for them but I wouldn't mind turning them into something like the WIZ550io board. Add a nice WiFi module to the Fubarino, some sensors, a battery and a solar panel and this could be a useful DIY remote sensor node.


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