Thursday, January 14, 2016

On the road again and IO bound no more

Okay, weird title but that is what happens when I try to get cute. Recently I was looking for an SSD to use with a Raspberry PI for my TCF Home Automation presentation in March . It would need to work with USB 2.0, not a huge amount of storage, just local sqlite and logs files basically, and it need not be very fast at all. I found what I needed, that was both inexpensive and met my requirements. In my search I kept running across very expensive SSD PCIe bus adapters. Because of the cost I ignored them. But then I came across this ACM article called: Non-volatile Storage - Implications of the Datacenter's Shifting Center While data centers don't seem very important when talking about HA it actually will be in some ways. What goes for the larger systems tends to eventually get into the smaller systems. And with the IoT that's a lot of smaller things. I'm guessing that it could mean that we'll see more cores and better IO in our HA/IoT devices. I worry about many things related to this kind of architecture. Things like service longevity, reliablity, security, privacy and the need to for being 'always connected'. I really don't see Comcast, Verizon or any of the other providers making that affordable. But we're still moving towards everything being in the cloud. My preference is towards more local control and I'm betting the compromise will be a hybrid. Well that's my predictions for the New Year.


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