Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Ketchup? Catsup? Catch up!

Wow, I've been very busy since my TCF HA presentation on March 19th. The presentation went better than expected. I had prepared my presentation and I was all set to present working home automation when I discovered I was missing one library. Unfortunately I couldn't fix the problem in time for the presentation. So I rewrote the presentation. Because of that, I thought the presentation was a disaster but I was told by several people they thought it was pretty good. There was another HA presentation, Pat Palmer's, after mine but from a user's prospective. I thought that her presentation was pretty good. Next year, I have to have the Dollhouse and all the automation working. I still have to post my 2016 presentation (dang I am behind). But it should end up on my Presentations page.

Meanwhile I spent a lot of time working on some new ideas. So rather than do a brain dump here, I've decided to break up this blog post as it's now about 10 pages long. If I break it into several sections it will be easier to digest and I won't have to worry that it all makes sense as a single post. I'll cover my work on SmartThings, Vera, Insteon, Node.js, Node-Red, MQTT, Docker, Z-Wave, ZigBee, Tasker, Freedompop, LTE modem, VRRP, Quagga, DHCPD, IP Tunnels, Nagios, QEMU, PyDio and D3.

The short story is I'm sticking with SmartThings despite the issues, I like the ZigBee devices and I've removed my Vera and the last of my Insteon. I still have some X10 (mostly wireless stuff) and the WiFi modems are a pain in Linux.


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