Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A grand cavalcade of ideas

One of the problems I have is that when I get one idea, I usually get many, related, ideas. In fact I get so many that if I don't write them down quickly I forget them. And as a suffer of ADD old ideas tend to get pushed aside for the current 'spur of the moment, next great idea'. So this is me, writting down my ideas ;-)

I've been getting comfortable with Node.js and I'm reading a book on the subject to help fll out some of the missing details (Professional Node.js by Pedro Teixeira, good book!). At the moment Javascript is the language of the day. But I have a bit of a love/hate relationship. Especially when it comes to the asynchronous nature of node.js. But I do think it will resolve a number of design problems related to HA .


  • irrnode - Web interface Irrigation controller
  • HCS II - Web interface & raw & processed socket stream (HCS II is a HA controller)
  • Elk M1 - Web interface & raw & processed socket stream (Elk M1 Security & Automation Control)
  • ECM-1240 - Web interface & raw & processed socket stream (Brultech ECM-1240 - energy monitor)
  • Dollhouse 2.0 - a node.js based HA controller.

Needed libraries

  • daemon (
  • Unix device locks ( or
  • logging
  • socket
  • cron (node.sched)
  • tty (serial terminal server)
  • User configuration interface (saved to json)

As I get time I'll put more of these projects together (I'm expecting the ECM-1240 any day now). And I'll put a few more into planning. Right now I really think about what I want in these projects. I plan on doing that in the form of requirements. So far the irrigation controller is easy to write requirements for. On the other end of the spectrum is the Dollhouse controller. That is proving difficult to write requirements for.


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