Sunday, September 15, 2013

A bit more prep work

I've now migrated my irrnode code over to GitHub (testing my Windows and Linux Eclipse, Emacs+, Egit and Nodeclipse setups). While not perfect (I think I may have missed some code I needed) it's a start. At least I now have a way to make the changes and properly keep track of them. I tend to not put small projects under version control and I always end up regretting it when the project grows. Now that it is much easier I'll just make a habit of putting all my projects under SCM. So, so far, so good.

Anyways back to the setup of Eclipse et al. I'm using ssh with my exchanged ssh keys, which makes updates much easier and makes it more likely I'll just make it the default method of saving things ;-). I must say that the initial instructions I found on the web for importing a project from a Git repository didn't work. I'm not sure if the web pages (dozens of them) were out of date or I'm not using up to date software. Once I figured out that I needed to use the existing files (Git had already downloaded the files and stored them on my PC) then I was good to go. I've also figured out that I should use the ssh method of access with the git URI. Now I'm able to push my commits.

I'm also testing out Bitbucket. It was just as easy to setup and use as GitHub. Can't say which one I prefer as I haven't had much use out off either of them at the moment. Bitbucket does allow private repos for free.


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