Thursday, July 04, 2013

Node.js, Raspberry Pi and irrigation control, Part 2

In my previous blog entry I created a node.js server that accepts a crontab like configuration to turn on and off the virtual irrigation LEDs in a browser. These virtual LEDs are currently hard coded (part of the user configuration that I still need to work on). I've now added the external interface to digital IO in the form of an Elexol Ethernet/UDP IO24 board (an older revision). I think I've standardized on the device interface. I'll need to create a nice Node.js module for the device interface (something new to learn). I hope to create other interfaces to an Elexol USB interface and some Pi direct IO interfaces.

I'm still not completely happy with my Javascript and the code as it relates to node.js. I do have it under git control so I'm working to get it tagged so I can have one for each device interface. I'll need to get it up on IXR's external git others can play but that's a bit further down the line at the moment.


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