Monday, July 21, 2008

Bluetooth to replace RS232 cables?

I'm currently taking a class on Wireless protocols, very cool class. I've learned about RFID technology and how it could be the solution to programming a remote by placing the remote on a device and pushing a button. Well it's not that easy for the programmer but it is for the consumer. Of course there's some WiFi which I had more of in another class (I love taking classes where I can use what I learn in real life). But Bluetooth has caught my eye as an interesting protocol for use as a cable replacement technology. What I want is the ability to have one interface on a central HA controller and have it connect to many RS232 devices around the house.

Enter the following products, first the STM4100 Bluetooth to UART module from The other is from, the Bluetooth DIP Module. Neither of these are cheap but for experimenting they are a very good solution. At the moment I'm not sure how well they would work in a multi-drop environment (one master, many secondaries).


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