Thursday, March 08, 2018

Trenton Computer Festival, TCF - March 17,2018

Hackaday has a story on Trenton Computer Festival (TCF) titled: TEVOLUTION OF THE WORLDS OLDEST COMPUTER FESTIVAL. It does a nice job of summing up TCF through the years I must say that it does bring back memories. This year, I am again demonstrating working home automation. One of the differences this year is that I'm doing the demonstration first and then explaining it. Last year's failure in the demonstration meant that I could only get things partially setup and useful. I was able to demonstrate the basics and the automatic updates. So hopefully I'll be able to do some more of that.
One thing that was pointed out was that the talks were actually very well filled. I hadn't really thought about it but mine were usually more than just packed. I had standing room only. Hopefully I'll be able to pack'em in again this year.


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